There is a growing need for improved measurement solutions which offer higher precision, speed and accuracy and provide better in-process measurement of moving objects, resulting in lower costs for better products. Optimet's sensors overcome the limitations of many existing measurement devices, and in many cases provide the only comprehensive solution for complex measurement problems

In this particular application video we see two Optimet sensors measuring holes inside an automotive engine surface. The first sensor take several reference points on top of the engine block, while the second sensor attached to a periscope is able to get into the engine holes and measure both the depth and side walls. By using a periscope we can take advantage of Optimet's unique co-linearity technology and scan inside deep holes to get its depth, diameter and sharp angles. Each measurement point gets X and Y coordinates from the stage encoder while it's synchronizing with the sensor Z measurement, which is the distance. This particular machine and software were built and integrated by VISIONIC.

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Autofocus for laser processing
Conventional laser marking, welding, drilling and cutting systems often struggle with focusing the laser precisely on the object’s surface. We propose a new laser measurement method that integrates Optimet sensors into laser systems, providing the vast benefits of autofocus capabilities. Integration with Optimet sensors upgrades laser system performances such as speed and yield, and facilitates the user's control of the laser system parameters.
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